Tile Properties


Bringing You Mohawk’s Very Best

Attributes of ceramic tile to make an impression on you… and your home. In our efforts to bring you Mohawk’s highest–level quality products, we put all of our ceramic tile through standardized industry testing and classification to determine overall performance. By establishing each tile’s specific resistance to properties like scratching, breaking, abrasion and moisture, we can bring consumers the most effective match for their surface needs. We stand behind every brand in our ceramic collections because you deserve only our very best.

Scratch hardness

Each variety of Mohawk floor tile is rated for scratch resistance or “hardness” using the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Rated from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), the Mohs scale helps us gain an idea of the most effective application for a particular style.

Ceramic tile with a value of five (5) or more, such as Mirador found in our Natural Collection, is highly suitable for residential floor applications.

Tile with a value of seven (7) or higher, like the Steppington in our Rustic Collection, is acceptable for commercial applications and heavy–traffic areas.

Wear rating

Whether opening a neighborhood eatery or simply preparing your home for hosting the whole gang, you need your floor tailor–made for its anticipated crowd–size.

We measure the durability of Mohawk Ceramic Tile by observing the visible surface abrasion when subjected to industry testing procedures. From these tests tiles are evaluated for wear resistance on the P.E.I. (Porcelain Enamel Institute) scale from 1 (lowest resistance) to 5 (highest resistance):
PEI 1: Light Traffic — recommended for residential floors and bathrooms subject to soft–soled footwear or normal traffic without scratching dirt.
PEI 2: Medium Traffic — recommended for residential interiors or normal footwear traffic with small amounts of scratching dirt.
PEI 3: Medium–Heavy Traffic — recommended for all residential interiors and light commercial applications subject to normal footwear traffic with occasional amounts of scratching dirt.
PEI 4: Heavy Traffic — suitable for all residential interiors and most commercial applications subject to high footwear traffic and scratching dirt.
PEI 5: Heavy–Plus Traffic — all residential and commercial areas subject to extreme footwear traffic and scratching dirt, where heavy–duty wearability is needed.

Using the P.E.I scale translates into great choices for your household like the Sardara and Mira Lagos styles of our Natural Collection, both of which fall under the PEI 4:Heavy Traffic rating. You will rest assured knowing that your Mohawk–tested floor can withstand the rigors of any social function.

Water absorption

When picking the right tile for your courtyard, patio or walkway, you want to be certain that the area can endure any inclement weather that may occur. Water absorption rate, which reflects the density of the body of tile, is another Mohawk classification we provide in helping customers make sound decisions.

The ideal tile set has a very low water absorption rate, especially in climates subject to freezing and thawing cycles. These are typically porcelain body tiles with a water absorption rating of less than 0.5%.

Look no further than our Slate Collection featuring ColorBody Porcelain styles that embody this desired make–up. Rain and snow are no match for the masterwork of your perfectly–executed, Mohawk–enhanced design.