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The elegance of ceramic & porcelain tile

When you’re looking for true and timeless elegance, ceramic &porcelain tile makes an excellent floor covering, especially for those on a limited budget. Still, pricier than some budget floor coverings, the investment you make in this flooring will last longer, offer more durability and be more pleasing to the eye than you might have first expected it. In the end, it might even wind up saving you money after all. We’re going to share more on that very topic now.

At Carpet Emporium, we have spent over twenty years helping match homeowners with their dream flooring. The areas of Moreno Valley, Terrace, Menifee, Sun City, and Beaumont are all serviced through or Moreno Valley, CA showroom, and we’d love to earn your business as well. Come in today to find out how we can fit you with the perfect floor covering, matching your needs and your preferences all at the same time.

The ins and outs of ceramic & porcelain tile

Have you ever considered the lifespan of ceramic & porcelain tile? It’s actually one of the oldest floor coverings that is still being sold on the market in this modern age. The first tile floors actually date back thousands of years BC because they knew, even then, what we know now.

To start with, they knew that ceramic & porcelain tile were dense, hard, and waterproof. They knew it was a great product not only for the majority of the rooms in their home, but even inside the very shower itself. With the proper slip proof glaze, that’s still a good use for this flooring.

Tile flooring also offers amazing versatility. With porcelain, you can have a simple earth-tone look, or you can move on to ceramic and open up design possibilities you might only have dreamed about. These materials can be cut into different sizes and shapes and can be used to create unique, intricate mosaics that will be the conversational centerpiece of your next get together.

These floors are incredibly hypoallergenic as well, offering health benefits on top of a gorgeous appearance and beneficial functionality. Tiles inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. They also do not offer crevices or crannies where dust, dirt, and allergens can hide out.
When it comes to installation, we strongly urge nothing less than a professional install. Anything less can be hard on your wallet and your floors too. Specialized tools are necessary, as is a good deal of experience. Besides, you deserve to have the peace of mind that comes along with professional installation.

Through the flooring innovations of today, ceramic tile is not only more affordable, but is also easier to maintain. The options for color, patterns, sizes, shapes and design are infinite. At Carpet Emporium & Flooring, we are sure that with the many different stones we have available, you will be able to find just the right stone for your home and design needs. Before looking at stone, there are a few things you should be educated on. The first thing is that there are four distinct types of stone.

These include Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble and Granite. Within the Ceramic selections, there is glazed tile and unglazed floor tile (aka Natural Stone). Glazed is the most common and it has a special coating that is applied to the body of the tile and then fired at a very hot temperature to seal the tile. The glazing then creates a hard and non-porous result. The benefits of glazed stone include Stain Resistance, Scratch Resistant, Fire Resistant, Fade Resistant, Slip Resistant and the best feature, Ease of Cleaning! The unglazed floor tile (aka Natural Stone) is free of the glazing process. However, while unglazed tile can be incredibly beautiful, it is porous and needs to be maintained regularly. There is a special sealant that can be applied to prevent stains and the seepage of spills and general dirt into the pours of the stone.
Ceramic tile flooring in Riverside, CA from Carpet Emporium
Ceramic tile flooring in Riverside, CA from Carpet Emporium
Porcelain Tile is a type of Ceramic that is made of very fine mixture of clays and minerals. The molecular makeup is similar to fine china or high end dinnerware. These clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at even hotter temperatures than the ceramic tiles, typically near 2400 degrees (F). The higher the temperature, the denser the tile will become and the less moisture it will attract. The benefits of Porcelain are similar to those of ceramic, they are denser and harder than most other tiles, they are highly stain and moisture resistant, they are naturally hygienic with an easy to clean surface.

Lastly, porcelain is not only beautiful but equally durable and it can be used in both residential and commercial scenarios. Marble, Granite & Limestone are very popular stones today. These three stones are all naturally made and therefore individually unique. They are mined out of quarries and consequently, no two stones are ever the same. One important feature of these types of materials is that they need to be sealed.

They can be extremely porous and therefore care needs to be taken with the maintenance. While they are porous, it is not hard to care for them, which makes them very popular in many homes today. It is common to grout your tile after installation. This is a mixture of cement and a color additive. Also a liquid latex additive can be added to the grout to give better resiliency to the grouted areas. It is common for grout to change color slightly over time.

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