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Granite counter tops are scratch, stain and heat resistant making for a perfect kitchen counter top surface. Granite is also an excellent counter top material for your bathroom vanity. If you are looking to enhance and beautify your kitchen counter top or your bathroom counter top think about a granite counter top.

Granite counter tops can be polished to a natural high shine or honed to have a more rustic look. Either way, compared to other solid surface material, there is no comparison in durability or cost for the beauty granite counter tops will add to your home.

Carpet Emporium & Flooring works in partnership with some of the best known fabricators in our community. We carry a large variety of Granite and our design experts know that the right counter top can bring new life into your bathroom, kitchen, or work space. With our extensive options and expert installers, you can be assured you are getting a beautiful new counter top at a very competitive price!

We feature pre-fabricated, low cost, excellent alternative to custom designed and expensive granite counter tops.
These are the same granites, same colors and same quality, just pre-cut to give you a speedy installation & lower costs. Prices start from $25 a square foot, this includes both material & labor!

Please come in to any 1 of our 3 convenient locations to select your favorite colors. Please bring in a rough sketch of your kitchen or bathroom counter tops, so we can give you an accurate estimate right in the store!